From the Clients

Because of Christopher’s background as an editor he knows how the media works from the inside, so he understands how to get through to the press, and how to explain who we are. In addition his services are tailor made to suit us perfectly, and I always get him personally when I call. As a result, after I hired Christopher to handle the PR for Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes we went from nowhere in the media to everywhere we wanted to be, and then beyond that.


Martial Vivot, owner, Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes



When we hired Christopher, though Chermayeff & Geismar had a substantial 50 year reputation as a leader in the industry, the media landscape which had provided the firm a tremendous amount of press over the years had changed. As a result the amount of media coverage the firm received had dropped notably. With his insider's knowledge of the media and how editors and writers think, he went on to achieve regular coverage for the firm in both new and traditional media, updating the very image of the firm in the process.


He then wildly exceeded our expectations again by conceptualizing a book for the partners, selling the project to a publisher, and single handedly managing a very successful international PR campaign for it, thus helping to establish the firm even further as a current, cutting edge leader on the forefront of branding and graphic design.


As a truly well-rounded expert in PR, branding, strategy and writing; a professional who educated himself thoroughly about our industry; and someone who is always available when we need him, Christopher is truly a rare find.


Sagi Haviv, partner, Chermayeff & Geismar


In creating the concept, Let’s Get Real: The Cooking Show About Finding, Preparing and Eating Food, Christopher really helped me to identify and make literal the idea behind my brand as well as help create the brand identity itself. He worked intensively with me to distill the essence of what my brand should actually be, how to call it into being, what kind of long-term plan I needed to make the brand a reality, and how I should be positioned on the national stage. Chris has also helped me further develop my concept and plan for future media and PR opportunities, tapping into his great value as a media insider and his incredible expertise in branding, concept development, PR, and media strategy. Working with Chris is always a productive and deeply creative experience. He is extremely organized, diligent and focused, and takes his client’s best interests very seriously.


Chef Erica Wides, Host, Let’s Get Real: The Cooking Show About Finding, Preparing and Eating Food on Heritage Radio Network



When I hired Christopher to handle the PR for the Essential Cami, he took time to study the product; understand the industry; design a media strategy tailored for it; thoughtfully prepare press material; and distill the point of the product in just three powerful words: “first backless camisole”. His dedication, precision, thoroughness and understanding of how the media works from the inside is what made the Essential Cami’s world-class PR operation possible, and how a new product no one had heard of wound up in the hands of Adam Glassman at O Magazine, onto the Gayle King show, and even into her wardrobe. Christopher also took the time to educate me about how the media works; spoke to me honestly; all the while keeping me over-informed so I’m never wondering what’s going on. Christopher’s insider’s know-how, genius and generosity make him a superb publicist, and a powerful ally.


Maria Constantatos, creator and designer, The Essential Cami



The tagline Christopher created for – "The American Experience. The Latino Point of View." – was exactly what I wanted to communicate, succinctly and clearly making the point that we celebrate both cultural experiences.  Simply stated, Chris nailed it.  In fact, I often use the tagline alone as my "elevator pitch". Chris couldn't have captured the essence of who we are better than this.


I would also say that Christopher is truly the consummate professional, patiently listening to our mission and goals and translating them into excellent  - and actionable - communications.  Christopher is always thinking ahead, understanding that messages work with and are extensions of one another, which is a critical skill set in marketing and communications.


Rosa Alonso, CEO,