Founded in 2008 by national magazine journalist and book author Christopher Nutter, Nutter Media puts a media insider's understanding to work for businesses and commercial artists in need of public relations, branding, social media strategy, creative project development, ghost writing, advertising and sales copy, and viral media campaigns.

Public Relations

Nutter Media’s approach to PR is unique in that its procedures are based on an insider’s understanding of how the media works, which puts clients seeking publicity at a distinct advantage.

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The goals of Nutter Media’s branding services are to instantaneously communicate -- through powerful, precise and memorable language -- the client’s single most important brand message or messages; define the client clearly; and position them as totally unique in their industry.

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Social Media Strategy

Nutter Media uses the client's social media platforms as a powerful means of brand communications with the media and the public, and procures coverage of the client on national media, blogger and influencer channels with substantial followings.

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Creative Project Development / Ghost Writing

Nutter Media helps clients bring that powerful creative idea they are in search of to life, assists in successfully bringing it to publication and / or production, and ghost writes professional copy for articles, books, talks and scripts.

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Advertising / Marketing

Nutter Media provides sophisticated, powerful, original and in-touch advertising, marketing and sales concepts, language and materials.

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Viral Media Campaigns

Nutter Media creates guerilla PR campaigns for clients in the form of media viruses that are designed to be picked up and spread throughout the target media in order to communicate a message on behalf of the client.

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