Social Media Strategy

Nutter Media's social media strategy is to use the client's social media platforms as a powerful means of professional brand communications with the media and the public, and to procure coverage of the client on national media, blogger and influencer channels with substantial followings.

Nutter Media achieves this through strategies which include:

  • using traditional PR methods to get the client posted about on media channels with substantial numbers, whether it is the social media channels of the traditional media or the channels of bloggers and influencers, thus borrowing the media’s high volume social media numbers on behalf of the client and channeling their followers back to the client

  • developing an editorial “voice” for the client’s social media venues so that the client’s channels are always professional, media savvy, and appropriate to the stature of the client

  • composing social media copy for the client that is always on brand-message

  • building social media connections between the media and the client, helping to create direct communication between the two

  • being partners in the co-promotion of the media’s stories to improve their numbers and encourage coverage of the client.

The result is social media exposure for the client in substantial numbers that broadcasts the client’s brand messages to its target audience, and creates the infrastructure for direct communication between the client and the media.

“Christopher’s approach to social media strategy—as simply an extension of traditional PR—is expertly targeted, and has excellent results when it comes to procuring substantial, and meaningful, social media coverage for the firm. Christopher demystifies PR in an age of social media, and demonstrates that social media and influencer campaigns can be achieved as effectively and precisely as traditional PR.”
— Sagi Haviv, Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

Social Media Strategy Samples

Nutter Media has procured social media coverage in the millions for PR clients such as Congo Tales (Random House / Prestel, November, 2018), Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes, and the Martial Vivot Grooming Line For Hair on the channels of traditional media (such as The New York Times, National Public Radio, and Vanity Fair), Hollywood industry organizations (such as the Golden Globes), new media (such as, highly influential bloggers (such as, and celebrities (such as Arianna Huffington), as well as created direct channels of communication between the client and the media using social media. Nutter Media procured social media exposure for Congo Tales that reached over 30 million people on a single campaign (including Twitter posts on channels with 5 million followers, and a LinkedIn post on a channel with 8.3 million followers).