Creative Project Development
/ Ghost Writing

Nutter Media helps clients bring that powerful creative idea they are in search of to life; helps bring it successfully to publication and / or production; and ghost writes professional copy for articles, books, talks and scripts.

Specific services include:

  • Concept development
  • Ghostwriting
  • Production of proposals and pitches
  • Agent representation

The result of Nutter Media’s concept development and ghostwriting services are creative projects for clients that are tailored for their specific media needs; delivered in way that only a media professional can deliver; function as a PR arm for the client; and are designed to sell.

In creating the concept, Let’s Get Real: The Cooking Show About Finding, Preparing and Eating Food, Christopher really helped me to identify and make literal the idea behind my brand as well as help create the brand identity itself. Chris also helped me further develop my concept and plan for future media and PR opportunities, including co-writing my talks at TEDx and Occupy Big Food. Working with Chris is always a productive and deeply creative experience, and he takes his clients’ best interests very seriously.
— Chef Erica Wides, Host, Let’s Get Real: The Cooking Show About Finding, Preparing and Eating Food on Heritage Radio Network

Creative Project Development / Ghost Writing Samples

Examples include:

  • Ghosting writing the copy for iconic celebrity photographer David Lachapelle's second book, Hotel Lachapelle (Callaway Publishers, 1999)

  • Conceptualizing, naming and editing of and acting as literary agent for Identify: Basic Principles of Identity Design in the Iconic Trademarks of Chermayeff & Geismar (Print Publishers, 2011)

  • Creation of Let's Get Real: The Cooking Show About Finding, Preparing and Eating Food hosted by Chef Erica Wides on the Heritage Radio Network

  • Co-writing Chef Wides' TEDx Talk and Occupy Wall Street's Occupy Big Good talk based on Let's Get Real

  • Conceptualizing and naming Homeowners' Associations Gone Haywire for Jack Hanson; agenting a Huffington Post Contributorship for Hanson; and ghost-writing the 6 part series for the client on the HP's Contributor Platform

  • Naming and ghost writing The Tile Oracle series on for Antonella Romano