The goals of Nutter Media’s branding services are to instantaneously communicate -- through powerful, precise and memorable language -- the client’s single most important brand message or messages; define the client clearly; and position them as totally unique in their industry.

Nutter Media’s branding is always appropriate to the industry; designed to last the lifetime of the business, service, or project; and is applicable to all media platforms, including websites; E-Commerce platforms; packaging; sales and marketing materials; posters; advertising copy; press material; and social media copy.

Nutter Media’s specific branding services include:

  • Brand names
  • Taglines
  • Teasers
  • Brand story copy

The result of Nutter Media’s branding services is a closing of the gap in understanding by its target demographic of what a business, service or project is and does that provides foundational support to every aspect of a client’s endeavors.


Select Clients


The Martial Vivot Grooming Line For Hair is a high end line of all-natural, universal hair type products for men launched by famed men’s stylist Martial Vivot.

See the case study

Essential Cami: The first backless camisole

The Essential Cami is the first camisole on the women’s inner wear market with no straps or apparatus in the back.

See the case study

Antonella romano tile and stone

Antonella Romano is a third generation Italian tile and stone designer who opened up her own business.

See the case study

Conde nast traveler nation rebranding / panama

Conde Nast Traveler worked with Nutter Media to rebrand the nation Panama.

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let's get real: the cooking show about finding, preparing and eating food

Let's Get Real: The Cooking Show About Finding, Preparing and Eating Food is a cooking show podcast on the Heritage Radio Network.

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In 2009, former advertising executive Rosa Alonso relaunched her online magazine Mi Apogeo as My Latino Voice. Looking to focus the demographics of the site on the American Latino experience, Rosa worked with Nutter Media to devise a tagline that would help with this new positioning.

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the way out: the gay man's guide to freedom (hci books, 2006)

In 2006 Nutter worked with the publisher of his first book -- HCI Books -- to create a teaser / tagline for a wild posting ad campaign in Manhattan that would help position the title outside of conventional "spirituality" and gay genres.  

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