Essential Cami

In 2011, independent inner wear designer Maria Constantatos introduced a new kind of camisole to the market called The Essential Cami. With no straps or apparatus in the back, and with a Patent, Constantatos’ invention had the potential to carve out a new niche in the women’s innerwear market.

With no investors and no sales or marketing force, Constantatos was at a big disadvantage bringing attention to her product. Nutter Media was brought on in 2011 to introduce The Essential Cami to the national media.

Positioning the product as “the first backless camisole”, Nutter Media first procured an endorsement and review from Hearst Magazine’s online women’s magazine RealBeauty. Nutter Media then introduced the Essential Cami to Adam Glassman, Creative Director of O, the Oprah Magazine, who introduced the product to Gayle King. Glassman then introduced the product on her show. Working with several TV stylists who regularly do inner-wear segments on national and regional TV, the Essential Cami was then featured on Dr. Oz, the Marie Osmond Show, and Better TV.

As a result of working with Nutter Media, Maria Constantatos' invention -- The Essential Cami -- had a national PR operation on par with any giant inner wear brand.

“When I hired Christopher to handle the PR for the Essential Cami, he took time to study the product; understand the industry; design a media strategy tailored for it; thoughtfully prepare press material; and distill the point of the product in just three powerful words: “first backless camisole”. His dedication, precision, thoroughness and understanding of how the media works from the inside is what made the Essential Cami’s world-class PR operation possible, and how a new product no one had heard of wound up in the hands of Adam Glassman at O Magazine, onto the Gayle King show, and even into her wardrobe. Christopher also took the time to educate me about how the media works; spoke to me honestly; all the while keeping me over-informed so I’m never wondering what’s going on. Christopher’s insider’s know-how, genius and generosity make him a superb publicist, and a powerful ally.”
— Maria Constantatos, creator and designer, The Essential Cami

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